Garage Sales Items To Avoid

Dated: June 13 2018

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Garage Sales Items to Avoid  
image: Garage Sales Items to Avoid

When you're surfing garage and yard sales, some items may seem like a steal but can end up being musty, funky or downright dangerous. Before you head out on the hunt, take note of the items below. 
Used tech devices and electronics,
 like laptops, e-readers, tablets or MP3 players, may have internal damage from drops and spills. If you're searching for a bargain on a device, check for refurbished items from the manufacturer instead, which usually come with a warranty. 
DVDs, CDs, cassettes, VHS tapes and records
 should be checked carefully for scratches and age deterioration. If you're set on buying these items, see if the seller can plug them in to a player to prove they are in working order. 
Home goods
 like mattress sets, bedding and towels may contain any combination of bed bugs, mold, mites or bacteria. And unless you're going to completely reupholster that vintage couch or chair, beware of bugs, fleas, spiders and odors you might not notice on site. 
Kid stuff
 can be a real bargain, but certain items can actually be dangerous. Car seats and bike helmets are only built to handle a single serious accident. Since there's no sure way to know their history, there is no guarantee of their safety. Cribs are subject to frequent recalls and are continually improved for safety standards. Baby bottles made prior to June 2012 may contain the chemical BPA, which the Food and Drug Administration warns is unsafe. Stuffed animals can't always be sent through a hot cycle in the washing machine and can host things you'd probably rather not host in your home. 
Fashion items,
 like perfumes and makeup, decline in quality over time and do expire. Unless you can tell the manufacture date, skip it. Hats may contain remnants of hair products, sweat, or skin and scalp infections. Used shoes have already been molded to their previous owner's feet, which may not provide proper support or comfort for you. 
Kitchen stuff
 like pots and pans can leach metals, rust or nonstick coatings, releasing dangerous chemicals into your food. Blenders and food processors have blades that dull over time, as well as mechanisms on the inside that can slow down or burn out, even when they appear fine on the outside. 
And if you're planning on hosting a yard sale of your own, remember these items may be better to recycle or bin than barter over. Happy yard-sale hunting to you! 
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