Community Spotlight On Epping Forest

Dated: October 17 2018

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From a parcel of land on the west shore of the Severn River Bridge in 1874 that was owned by a Doctor that kept Ducks, peacocks, and sheep Epping Forest has now become a highly desirable waterfront community.

From 1874 to today major changes have not only happened all over Maryland but in Epping Forest as well.   A boat club, Tennis courts need the club house, enhanced fire protection, paved bus turn around, extensive gardens, and property values that have sky rocketed.

The community boasts an evolving and amazing social life- Christmas Eve Pageants, Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Parties, swim meats, bowling leagues, Tennis and Volleyball Tournaments and amazing parties!  

Yet despite all the amazing things Epping Forrest has to offer, It still maintains a special community feel right smack dab in the middle of a metropolitan area!

The Community Website is noteworthy as they have a lot of detailed information on the community, a resource center online for residents as well as am Epping Forest Classifieds section on their website.

Are you Interested in seeing homes available in this community? I’d be happy to show you! Text ‘Roxana’ to 4103246973

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