6 Tips For Getting A House Ready To Sell

Dated: June 25 2019

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Making the choice to sell your house is never easy, but once you decide to take the plunge, the real work begins. Getting a house ready to sell takes more effort than most people realize. It’s about making the small changes necessary to attract the most attention and generate the best offers. Sure, you could just list it as is. But with that approach, chances are good that your home will stay your home for a lot longer than you want. To help you sell quickly at your target price, here are six tips for getting a house ready to sell.

1) Declutter ad Spruce it up

There are several simple and relatively inexpensive steps you can take so your home looks as inviting as possible to prospective buyers: 

  • Spring for a quick spruce up. Make sure a small cosmetic or mechanical glitch doesn’t become a large Issue. It could be as easy as replacing a toilet paper holder or fixing a squeaky front door.

  • Clean up clutter. Having the “lived-in” look is more of a distraction than a selling point for your home. Clearing off tables and cleaning out closets, for example, help show how much space your home offers.

  • Protect your private info. Chances are you’ll have several potential buyers parading through your home. Lock away valuable items and keep personal information (like mail or private documents or photos) out of sight.

2) Take Care of Minor Maintenance and Repairs

Are there lots of small projects around the house you’ve been meaning to get to? Now is the time. Prospective buyers are looking at everything, so small blemishes can make a big impact. Go around the house and finish up any minor repairs and perform any routine maintenance. By taking care of these Issues, you’ll not only make your house more attractive to buyers, but you may even raise its value a little too.

3) Cleaning a House for Sale

Cleaning may be the number one thing you can do to boost your chances of selling your home. A clean home makes a great first impression on buyers and general cleanliness is critical if you want to generate offers. Remember that serious buyers will be interested in checking out every inch of your house. So, if your kitchen is spotless but your basement still looks like a dungeon, you might not be making the best first impression. If you’re in a hurry, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. But remember, you need to keep the home clean for every showing and home tour, so do your best to keep things tidy while you continue to live there.

4) Staging a House for Sale

Staging a home for sale doesn't always mean hiring a staging company to come in and decorate the space temporarily as a way to boost its appearance; however it can be beneficial in certain circumstances.  A staging company will often bring in furniture, artwork, lamps and other décor pieces to compliment the space. Staging a house for sale is all about creating an environment that people want to live in. With modern furniture and a trendy design, you can do just that and help your home earn top dollar from buyers. 

5) Take Professional Photos

Getting a house ready to sell is about more than making sure the windows are smudge-free. It’s about generating as much interest as possible so you can sell for the best possible price. To this end, consider hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. Most buyers start their home buying journey online, and high-quality images will make your home stand out as they browse dozens, if not hundreds of properties. It may seem like an unnecessary expense. But if it helps you sell the home quickly, it should be well worth the investment.

6) Competitively Price the House

With your house looking its absolute best, it’s time to decide on your list price. You want to make sure you choose a competitive price or all the effort you put into getting your house ready to sell may be wasted. If you price it too high, buyers may be turned off, letting your home sit on the market and garnering a bad reputation before you inevitably have to drop the price anyway. If you price it too low, you could start a bidding war, or buyers might assume there’s something wrong with the house and avoid it at all costs. To figure out the best price, conduct some comparative market analyisis (CMA). Your real estate agent will help you develop an effective pricing strategy.

Once you’ve prepped your home and decided on a price, the only thing left to do is list your house. If everything goes to plan, you’ll have offers rolling in in no time. But until you accept an offer, make sure you keep your home looking great and ready to sell.

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